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Poems Dedicated to Jackie Chan


By Jennifer Purgason

Who can beat up 10 men without a gun
Or send 100 more on the run?

Bounces over a wall with the greatest of ease
Or, like a monkey, climb real tall trees?

Who does great stunts without a wire
Or throws himself into a huge pit of fire?

Gets up and does it again and again
The greatest stunt he will always win.

Doesn't give up even if he breaks a bone
Never quits even if he is accident prone

No one can stop him, lots have tried
Most have gotten hurt, the rest have died

Hearing he's around and people scatter
He's faster than them so it doesn't matter

Whatever is around him he will use
Table or hammer, it will all bruise

He'll catch them and show them how it is done
Beating up people with a ladder looks fun

So who is this man that bad guys fear
That ladies love and want to hold near

The great wonderful Jackie Chan
That's your man

Show respect and don't forget his name
There will never be anyone who is quite the same.

Submited by Kathryn Matthews

Jackie Chan

Just a regular person
Always sharing life . . .
Chasing off the bad guys
Kicking out all strife
International movie star . . .
Encouraging the weak
    searches for as many ways,
    to let his message speak.

Crossing cultural boundries
Hope of life his game . . .
Always on the side of right
Never counting fame.
    Jackie Chan's our hero . . .and
    just the greatest star,
    would that we could somehow be . . .
    like him, the best by far!

               by  Peggy Jeanine Woody,  aka Psalmist.

Benevolent Dragon

He rose in the East,
In the year of the horse;
Destined for great things,
Realizing strength, and resource;

He is a compassionate King,
Of all he surveys;
A bright smile to share,
With every knew day,

Energy and power,
Of the body and the mind;
Preparing to take his place
From the time he was a child;

Now, he has arrived,
The throne is his to claim,
By gentle determination,
And talent learned, as trained;

He has said he is "the lucky one,"
But the story would seem to be,
That all was predetermined by the Highest Majesty,
That this child should endure and be blessed for all to see.

Yvonne M. Wood

Jackie Chan

His star shines bright for all to see,
He's brilliant, and awesome too,
He works so hard to make us smile,
A trooper through, and through;
The odds that he has overcome,
Are greater than many will see,
But look at him now,
One would never know,
The strength it took to break free;
From the bonds of poverty,
And near fatal abuse,
He managed to survive,
And not only this,
He broke the chain of abuse,
He is kind, and loving besides,
What a fantastic model he is to us,
He never let poor circumstances override,
His commitment to be the best,
And thus far he has passed every test.

Yvonne M. Wood  1-25-01

To Jackie

Jackie Chan he's our man, hero of the land
The following text is his life, for you to read first hand
His poor old mum oh what pain, 12 long months to wait
As he finally showed upon our world, 3 months out of date
He learned to crawl he learned to walk, from then on came much trouble
Academics he just would not learn, it left him in a muddle
When he was young he did not wish, to lead a life fast paced
A bag of cakes would make his day, of which to stuff his face
His father was the best of cooks, who always aimed to please
Which then did lead to a job, that took him overseas
Before his dad was on his way he thought, I know what'll sort you
So off Jackie was sent, unto a place of acrobatic torture
Whilst he was there he did quite fair, with promise he did show
With talents made and friends he gained, it came his time to go
But before he left from another school, his first love he had found
Her father well he disapproved said, clear off you poor scruffy hound
From there on off he went, to the movies he did go
A man of stunts he became, my god did he make a show
Easy these time surly were not, still a name for himself he made
But his father's 3rd rule he did break, gambling for which he paid
What came next within his career, an actor he became
They wanted some one just like Bruce, Jackies just not the same
Alas the chance for freedom he was given, to create as director and performer
Once he could be but himself, everyone adored him

by Paul Barnett

Paul's Poem Continued by Kath

With Lo Wei put behind him now,
Our fearless Jackie knew,
That comedy was just the thing
For him to now persue.

So he became a kung-fu clown
Much to his fans' delight.
And though 'twas silly, keep in mind,
That Jackie still could fight.

And so the story does unfold
Of Jackie's great success.
Though famous throughout China now,
He turned to the U.S.

But Hollywood, alas, was not
Quite ready for the man.
And so, with head and heart hung low,
Went home, did Jackie Chan.

In Asia, Chan was loved by all;
His fame just grew and grew.
But still, desire gnawed at him,
One thing, still, more to do.

'Twas Hollywood that Jackie craved.
'Twas Hollywood he needed.
He'd try again, he told himself.
He'd try 'till he succeeded.

Then came along a guy named Brett
Who was a Jackie fan.
"Be in my movie, Jackie, please?
You're awesome, Jackie Chan!"

So Rush Hour came and made a star
Of Jackie in U.S.
You'd think that he'd be happy now,
With Hollywood success.

But Jackie didn't like the way
They filmed in Hollywood.
"It's not like Hong Kong,"
Jackie moaned,
"Their method is no good!"

And so when filming Shanghai Noon,
He tried to have a say.
And luckily, he found a friend:
Director, Thomas Dey.

So Hollywood has started to
Accept our special guy.
His talents they appreciate
And I will tell you why.

'Cause Jackie Chan, he is The Man.
He's charming, strong, and good.
His talents, though quite obvious,
Have been misunderstood.

He's no chop-socky dude, you see.
His talents, they are vast.
And Jackie's full of love, to boot,
Just look at Jackie's past!

My final words about the man
Are from my heart, you know.
He is my hero, through and through.
I love him.  It is so.

Katharine Mysak

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