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Jackie Chan Research Project
This page is a compilation of info about Jackie Chan on the Net.
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Hello Dear visitor,

I could spend hours talking about jackie Chan and why I love his movies and admire his Martial arts skills so much.But even a hundred words could not describe entirely all my admiration for Jackie Chan, as artist, as a filmmaker and also as a person. So I`ll be brief in my description.

What amazes me most in Jackie is that he`s a very down on earth kind of man.He got a real well balanced mind.Extremelly inteligent and expressive.He has absolute control of what he wants to do and see in his movies. He knows how to manage his career,and that using comedy on many of the scenes would conquer more admires for his movies around the world. People feel more relaxed while watching all those fights on screen.

Jackie uses his abilities with grace!

Martial Arts movies will never be the same after Jackie Chan came out. He definitely changed the action movies styles forever.

As a person, he's someone whom defends his country (China) with passion, respect and promote it at the same time. I think in Jackie as a hero. A real pride for his amazing culture and legacy.

But the most interesting aspect about Jackie is his charisma.
That wonderful,almost childish, cute smile of his.......really makes my day and put a smile on my face everytime I see a movie of him! :-)

Someone on the net described Jackie this way
" he is the greatest screen fighter in the history of cinema . "

This couldn't be more true...PERFECT!
With all my respect for others geniuses of Martial arts out there,

Here it is registered my reverence and admiration for this man named Jackie Chan, who risked his own life so many times just to give his fans true moments of pure entertainment and fun.

Thank you Jackie,
For all this years of journey, and delight!

You are already imortalized in our hearts!  

With love,
Márcia Pontes    

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