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Rush Hour 2
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Who Am I
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Rush Hour
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After 20 years, the world’s greatest action hero
finally lets loose in his most revealing interview ever!

Interview conducted by John Little,
inside Kung-Fu magazine.

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Words, opinions, ideas and statements always have more meaning when they come directly from the source, rather than when they’ve been run through the filter of a second or third-party’s personal opinion or conditioning. To this end, Inside Kung-Fu has enjoyed the very privileged position among martial arts publications of being able to bring to its readers Jackie Chan’s own words, opinions, ideas and statements about his life, art and career.

Whereas other magazines have had to rely on "insider’s" opinions, prejudices and preferences in attempting to bring their readers more information on Jackie, we’ve been able to go to the source–Jackie Chan–directly, and frequently, over the past 20 years. To this end, I was fortunate to enjoy a very large "comfort level" with Jackie when I interviewed him, wherein he speaks freely and openly with the result that you will learn some things about Jackie Chan that are sure to surprise you. For one thing, unlike most "action stars," Jackie Chan is a very eloquent man. He speaks seven languages and communicates thoroughly, engagingly and succinctly. He is also very stimulating intellectually and emotionally, as he will speak his mind, even if that means cutting firmly against the grain of popular opinion or political correctness. This makes him that most rare of human animals–the honest man.

Where necessary I have probed deeply, asking him questions about God, success, peace, and his self-imposed role as an ambassador of global goodwill, his considerable work for charity, and his views toward racial tolerance and social responsibility.

Being a martial arts publication, we have also recognized Jackie’s immense talent and experience in this realm, and have asked him to state his views on the state of martial arts today, his own training in the arts, and what techniques he has found to be the most useful and practical over the years. His answers to these questions, I believe, will prove very useful to all martial artists. And then there is the issue of health and fitness; how is a human being capable of performing all the incredible stunts and martial arts action sequences that Jackie Chan has demonstrated to us year after year? What does he do to keep in shape both at home and on the road to create and maintain such an incredible peak of condition?

This interview will reveal to you–in Jackie Chan’s own words–why he is who he is, and how he came to be that way. His words will inspire and educate you, and, more importantly, you will come to know Jackie Chan–the real Jackie Chan–in a deeply personal way, rather than in the often cold and detached manner that many film critics and scribes from other magazines employ.

believe that when you have finished reading this interview, you will have come to appreciate and respect Jackie Chan in a way that transcends his considerable physical prowess. You will come to appreciate his mind, his dedication to excellence in filmmaking, and above all his love for people of all races and religions. In other words, you will come to know, respect and love Jackie Chan–the man behind the legend–as we at Inside Kung-Fu have for well over two decades.

–John Little

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