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Why are you a fan?

From 10th May 2000 (JACKIE-L mailing list )

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have been a fan of Jackie's for a little over ten years now.  I began my interest in Jackie while I was still in school.  Now I have three children of my own.  I don't feel uncomfortable with having my children watch Jackie's films. I feel he is an incredible role model for people of every race, religion, upbringing, and generation.  He has overcome such incredible odds in his life, and although the challenges of life have changed, he continues to meet his challenges head on.  He always remains true to himself, and in doing that, remains true to his fans.  His amazing energy, and enthusiasm is contagious.  His sense of humor, and comic timing are impeccable.  He has an integrity that is severely lacking in most Hollywood actors, and directors.  He continually gives his all to entertaining us as his fans, but he continues to use his fame to make other differences in the lives of so many through supporting charitable foundations, and influencing children to obtain their full education  and become great at whatever they want to do. 

I find myself holding him up as an example of great influence in general, everyday conversations, to provoke thought in, and inspire the people in my life.  Also, through my interest in Jackie I have been blessed to come in contact with so many sweet, and wonderful people who love and respect Jackie just as I do.  He has managed to bring people from all over the world together in our mutual interest. I can honestly say that, as far as world influence is concerned, there are only two who are far above Jackie in the lives of so many, and that is my Father in Heaven, and his son Jesus Christ.  I believe that God has blessed us with someone like Jackie to help influence us to stay true to our moral course, but he has chosen to show us too, that in Jackie's humanity, he has made mistakes.  Instead of running from those mistakes,he has taken responsibility for them.  I could probably come up with a few more reason's for loving Jackie, and respecting him the way I do, but I'm afraid I have gone on long enough. I know that his warm, and loving fans all understand exactly what I mean.

Yvonne M. Wood (

I remain a fan because Jackie's films continue to blow me away -- even the ones I don't care for as much as others. There's always something worth watching in a Chan film, and very often, there's something more to discover, even after the 20th viewing. He's not always the best at everything IMHO, but he's unique in so many ways. That's not to say I'm less of a Chan fan than the next person ... it merely means that my viewpoint on fandom and how I enjoy what and who I enjoy may be different from someone else.  Also, he is not my sole film interest – but between Jackie and the other, I have wonderful bases for contrast and comparison -- what is lacking in one is made up for in aces by the other and vice versa.  Ah, what fun it is for me! :-D

That, my friends, is a key to life:  One never can have too much fun, and Jackie's films provide plenty!  Bring on the Chan films! I didn't become a fan of Jackie Chan because of Jackie The Person; I became a fan of what Jackie Chan does on film, and I remain so these 4 years later because he's always looking for and presenting the interesting and the clever (look at so many of the small bits that are so emorable in his films) and he still is a wonderful cinematic example of what the human body can do. He's neither a savior nor a great inspiration to me in my life; he did not land on my doorstep during a crisis or when I needed a boost. Rather, he has given me a community of friends who enjoy a common interest.  To me, that's a gift of *huge* proportions, for friends and loved ones with whom to share an interest are very important. At least, to me they are, so forgive me if I choose to gush about my Chan friends more than I would gush about Jackie Chan himself ... my Chan friends are a warmer part of my life :-) 

Some actors do strive for better achievements both for their own creative satisfaction and for their fans, but Jackie somehow has created an entire world, a universe of Chan-ism, that perhaps other stars have not achieved. Most likely, they do not chose to live their lives so fan-oriented as Jackie does for their own private reasons; I accept that as a reasonable thing. Jackie has chosen (consciously or subsconsciously) to live not only for his movies but also for his fans, and in many cases, his fans live for him.  However you see yourself fitting into this World Of Chan, he offers a win-win situation to those who want it.  That's pretty incredible.

Next testimony ... :-)


    Oh my where do I begin?  I've been a fan for 9 years now and I admit at first I was a silent fan because not too many people knew who Jackie was in the US.  Until 1995 of course.  What keeps me going to favor Jackie?  Looking forward to something new, his warm personality, and the dedication he puts in his films.  He leaves his door open for anyone to walk through.  He puts his life on the line to give us the thrill we dream of.  However for me, it's the comical side of Jackie Chan that keeps me thrilled.  I love to laugh and he makes me laugh.  He can make the world laugh a hundred times over with just a single expression.  Through Jackie I have met so many other wonderful Chan Fans who I can relate to and are just as enthusiastic about Jackie as I am. 

Carrie (Jade)

Big question...I think the short answer is that I like his honesty to both himself and his fans and I like his lack of pretence.  I remember reading how after one particular sequence during the filming of First Strike he was out with everyone else helping to clean up.  The same sort of thing happened on location in Melbourne with Mr Nice Guy.  He could be a star, stomp off to his dressing room and say call me when you've finished but the fact that he has consideration for others makes him so much more than just a star.

Ian D.G.

I am a Jackie fan for many reasons, one of which is the fact that Jackie is so unique and covers such a diverse range of talents - actor, stuntman, director, and even stuntman, he's done it all. For the most part, he's also done it better than any of the Hollywood action wannabes. Another big reason is the fact that while the Hollywood action heroes play at being action heroes on screen, Jackie really only ever portrays himself on screen. The fact that he can just be himself and STILL have such a hugefan following is a great gift. I guess I've also remained a fan because of who Jackie is - he seems to beone heck of a guy! Honest, charming, kind, and, above all, he's human. The human side is what really makes me watch his movies over and over again - when he's doing a dangerous stunt, it's really him. When he's acting, he's acting as himself. When he's fighting, he never portrays himself as a superhero - just as himself. I don't think any other star has enough honesty to really show themselves on screen, or even in interviews. They always wear that glitzy Hollywood mask that seems to come with stardom, while Jackie Chan merely plays Jackie Chan, and hope that the audiences will love him.

Which we do, of course!


I'm a fairly short-time fan, having become "rabid" only in the past six months.  However, I still have not found any reason not to stick with my wild admiration of the man and his work.  He is truly an interesting individual as well as an extremely hard worker with a vast and varied talent to entertain. He has power and therefore authority through his directing, holding himself and others to the highest standards to make the best movies he can.  Yet, one hears only praise from those he's worked with, never that he's abused that authority.  That's amazing and laudable!  And though he has this "big brother" side to him, he chooses to reveal a humbler, more diffident and comic personality in his films.  I find him utterly charming and charismatic and yet vulnerable and sensitive of those around him.  What's not to like?  I wish I had more of his qualities. And there's that total giving of himself and his art to his fans.  I almost feel driven to give something back to him in return for what he's so eagerly and at great sacrifice given us.  In some ways, I feel almost sorry for him, because he's made his fans/movies more important than his own personal life/relationships.  And yet, I think that's exactly why he draws me...hmmm, a paradox...

Hope that makes sense...

Val (kickingkat)

I'm a Jackie fan since my childhood here in Brazil,I used to see his movies on tv, but I became a "Chan  addicted" about six months ago.When I saw "Who am I" on cable.Fascinating movie.I literally fell for Jackie.It was Love at first FIGHT ! :-) I admire him for his work? his dangerous fight scenes? his movies? Sure for all that .But I truly admire him for his personality.His sense of humor gives him charisma to conquer more and more hundreds of fans around theworld these days. Most actors in this genre does not have charisma.Most of them aren`t expressive as he is.Does not know how to enjoy themselves or their work. I don't believe his success is due JUST to his capabilities. Of course, he is an amazing fighter,a REAL MASTER, a modern Dragon. But he's talent goes beyond that part. He's truly a very inteligent man, and if you read some of his interviews,you'll know what I am talking about.I love the way he talks about life. He's a well prepared and capable director, producer,comedian, singer!  he's done of all.Jackie full fill my expectations.He also demonstrates that he's part of a group, a team he works with,not that he's the TEAM by himself. I love his lack of pretence, as Ian refreshed our memory so well.Thank you Ian!

As Val described , " he's a extremely hard worker with a vast and varied talent to entertain." very well said! and Debbie, I also pray for him. I get worry about all the risk his put himself everytime he's on the beggining of a new project. May God continue to protect our man in everything he does.


I have only been a fan of Jackies for about a year and a half and it has been a wonderful year and a half. I have gotten to know so much about Jackie and have also gotten to know SO many wonderful other Chanfans. What other celebrities can and have brought SO many fans together in such a way. I certainly can't think of any, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Chanfans are just about the friendliest people I know. I'm sure I will ALWAYS be a fan of Jackies because he is such a down to earth guy. Unlike alot of other celebrities, he is totally devoted to his fans and takes the time to be with them. I have never heard of any other celebrity who have Fan Tours and invite the fans to their "home turf" for fun, games and a chance to meet them. Again, that does not mean no one else has done this, I just have never heard of it. I guess like many others have said, Jackie is real and he doesn't put himself above anyone else just because he is a super star. It seems alot of other stars think they are better than the average person just because they made it to the top - so to speak. And I understand that they have worked very hard to get to where they are, but that still does not make them any better than anyone else. And Jackie seems to have this in focus. I really admire him for that. Not only is Jackie very appreciative of his fans, Willie and his staff seem to be so friendly with them also. You just don't hear about that much. The other reason I will be a fan of his forever is that he is such a respectable person. When he talks about wanting peace in the world, he is actually doing something to attain that. He is always very gracious to others. Even when they may not say such nice things about him, he is still respectful to them and about them. It must be hard to be so gracious especially to the media when they say such things about him and intrude on his private life, but he still seems to keep his kool for the most part. I really respect him for that. Well, those are just a few reasons I think I will always be a fan of his. Of course, I absolutely love his movies and his talent. I am so amazed at the talent packed into this man. Oh, and his singing, I just love his singing!

Ok, that's it, I'm done. Thanks for hearing me out.


I've been a fan of Jackie's for about a decade.  He caught my eye in a TV ad I saw while visiting Hong Kong.  What keeps me a fan is that he seems to be the real thing.  As a scientist, I can (and have) actually tested many of his stunts to see if they obey the laws of physics.  While I cannot prove scientifically that most of the stunts where unassisted, I have proven them to my satifaction.  Scientific proof requires more than can be gotten out of taking measurements from a movie.  I believe he really does most of the stunts, and he does them very well (from a physical point of view).  Also, in analyzing one of the stunts, I learned something new that I hadn't realized before (and haven't seen mentioned in physics textbooks either).  Considering the physics in question is extremely basic, the fact I've learned something new is a wonderful gift.  Whether or not he knows it, Jackie has taught me something.  That's quite an accomplishment for someone with his background.  People with 20 years of experience after their PhD have taught me less than Jackie has.

Kim K J Schaudt and N H Kwong

More to come soon!

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