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Jackie interview about Gen-X Cops project

Click2Asia's interview with Jackie Chan

How did you get involved in the Gen-X Cops project? (Click2Asia)

My partners, Willie Chan and Solon So, and I, are share-holders in the company that produced 'Gen-X Cops', Media Asia. Therefore, I was involved in developing 'Gen-X Cops' from the very beginning. Also, I know the director, Benny Chan, very well, because he directed my film 'Who Am I?'. I always said, in interviews, that I want to bring some new blood into Hong Kong action movies. When I read the script for 'Gen-X Cops', I realised that this would be the best chance to do that. I produced the film, and lent them some members of my JC Stunt Team to arrange the action. (Jackie Chan)

Had you ever worked with the actors from 'Gen-X Cops' prior to the project?
In what capacity?

Actually, most of the stars of the film are so young, they only made a few films before! I never had the chance to work with them. Talking about the young actors, I really got to know them for the first time on this film, and I was very impressed that they were so brave and hard-working. I'm sure that they all have a bright future. I know Eric Tsang, who played 'Inspector
Chan', very well. He actually started out as a stuntman, you know! We worked on many films, including the 'My Lucky Stars' series, together. He was also the producer of my film 'Armour Of God'.

What is your favourite scene in 'Gen-X Cops'? Why?

I would probably have to say the blowing up of the Hong Kong Convention Centre, because no Hong Kong film has featured this kind of effect before. I really felt proud that we can get an Oscar-winning special effects expert, Joe Viskocil, to work on our film. I also liked the end fighting sequence, because I feel happy to see the new generation use the same style of action that I invented. I think Hong Kong action is unique. No-one can copy it. Acting-wise, I like the scene where Eric Tsang really stands up to the tall, mean cop (Moses Chan). Eric Tsang is a really good actor, and I think the audience is really rooting for him.

Did you have any input on the stunt scenes in the movie?

As I mentioned, my stunt team, led by Nikki Li, were responsible for the action in the film. I came to the set sometimes, but just to visit. I know I trained my team well. Nikki has followed me so many years, he can direct any kind of physical action scene. I really think he did a great job, especially when you think that none of the actors had any experience making this kind
of film.

Did any of the principle talent look to you for advice on performing stunts?

All the boys did most of their own action. Before filming started, I talked with them about doing stunts. I told them that, henever you do a stunt, you have to give a hundred percent. Let's say you have to do a jump from a high place. If you don't jump, okay. If you jump with all your energy, okay. If you half-way jump, and pull back at the last minute, then you can get hurt. I told them that, physically, of course, you have to be ready, but that you have to be ready in your mind, as well. Of the young guys in the film, Daniel Wu was the most experienced, because he's trained in kung fu for over 18 years.

To date, what has been your most exciting film project? Why?

For action, after all these years, I still have to say the first 'Police Story'. If you look back, that film really changed everything. No-one had made a modern day action movie like this. It was on this film that I developed my new style. This was the first film where my stuntmen really showed what they could do. The beginning scene, with the car chase down through the village, and the ending, the fight in the shopping mallˇ| After all these years, they're still the best! However, just talking about film-making, I'm very proud of 'Miracles'. I made this film after I heard someone say "Oh, Jackie Chan can't really direct, he just directs action." I made this film just to show I could make a REAL movie. I really spent a lot of time and money on this production. I was the first one to use Steadicam in Hong Kong! When I look at that film today, I think it still looks beautiful.

What type of film projects are you working on now?

Right now, I am making a film called 'The Accidental Spy'. It is being directed by Teddy Chen. Teddy directed another film that I produced for Media Asia, called 'Purple Storm'. He is very talented. We are shooting on location in Hong Kong, Korea and Turkey. After this film, we start to prepare 'Rush Hour 2', which we will shoot partly on location in Hong Kong.

A large part of your career has been spent in front of the camera. How do you like working behind the scenes? What do you not like about working behind-the-scenes?

Honestly, I enjoy directing and producing. You can have much more control of the finished product than if you're just an actor. Maybe when I finally retire from acting, I'll miss it. At the moment, I can still star in films, and also produce films for other people. I'm someone who enjoys every part of film-making. In my own films, sometimes I'm the camera-man, sometimes I'm
an extra, sometimes even sweeping the floor! I just love every part of making movies.

Do you prefer shooting in Asia or the US? Why

I'd like to have the kind of control I have in my Asian films and the kind of budget I have for my US films. When you make movies in Hollywood, you really can't do everything you want to do, and, when you make movies in Hong Kong, you sometimes can't afford to do everything you want to do. So, I want to bring the two sides together, and take the best from east and west. Then we won't make a Hong Kong movie or an American movie. Just a Jackie Chan movie!

Will you be involved in the sequel, 'Gen-Y Cops'?

The team for 'Gen-Y Cops' is the same : same producers, including me, same director, most of the same starsˇ| The difference is that everything will be even better! Better script, better stunts, better special effects. We have a new star, Edison Chen, who is managed by our company. My nickname for him is 'my secret weapon for the new century'! It won't be just another sequel.
You'll see!


The End

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